Everything You Need to Know About How Your Brain Creates Negative Emotions and How to Avoid Them

It is now acceptable in many circles to have a success coach or personal trainer who will assist you in breaking through whatever the issues are, regardless of the context (therapy, business, personal growth or education).

There has been scientific proof that the thought is stored in the body. ANY thought. (“Quantum Healing” by Dr. Deepak Chopra) A strong thought with an unresolved negative emotion such as anger, sadness, guilt, fear or anxiety will repress the memory with the intensity of the emotion. These repressed negative emotions being trapped in the body, in many cases can block the flow of communication through the body’s neurological network pathways.

It is already a common knowledge that we got inside of us, hardwired, as a failsafe device, the “flight or fight” response, which protects us from danger and keeps us safe. What you may not be aware of is that fear is an outcome, a secondary emotion that has little to do with our safety. So let me ask you a question: almost everybody knows that a positive thinking is preferred to dwelling in negativity. Nevertheless, do you know why?

You have experienced in your past a full range of emotions including fear, sadness, anger, anxiety. Now, if 10years later you are still angry because of something that happened in the past, that is a waste of time, don’t you think

There is not much you can do about something that happened 10 years ago, and still people keep hanging onto their negative emotions from the past, carrying them into the future. And it does not help … neither the past, nor the future… You may have felt depressed, angry, or in hopelessness, once, when there was nothing apparently happening in your life that should make you feel like that. These emotions come from the past set off by something that passed unnoticed. No wonder, so many of us do not have the happy, positive, peaceful, abundant future that we desire.

Unresolved negative emotions produce physical and psychological damage, affecting our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. They become distorted in the form of self-dislike, self-hatred, not feeling appropriate or good enough. Our self-worth becomes insecure. As a result, we begin looking outside ourselves for confirmation that we are OK.

The reason most people cannot perform at their maximum ability comes from being concerned about what others think of them. They are looking “outside” to confirm that what they are saying and doing is right and they fear those people will reject what they say. Put the same people in an empty room or among their trusted family and friends and they would perform beautifully.

How many of us are in the position to say, “It doesn’t matter what people think of me and what they say. They have a right to think what they like.” Of course, it is reasonable to listen to all views and information, meanwhile accepting that they have every right to disagree. But, when free of fear and other negative emotions and limiting beliefs, you know that what really matters is what you think of you, then life starts really being good.

Thoughts and emotions are in fact patterns of energy that flow from us “outside” in the world. Like anything else, emotions such as fear, guilt, and resentment, are energy, too. These deep-seated and often long-held emotions act like black bags of energy, which, if not dealt with and released, cause dis-eases in our bodies such as cancer and heart problems.

They block or diminish the natural, powerful, flow of intuitive energies, as they pass through our bodies. You might see these black bags of energy symbolically like dams or big rocks in a fast flowing river, slowing down the flow and causing discord as whirlpools are created.

When we lack positive emotions and hold instead on fear, anger, sadness and/or guilt, it keeps us back from reconnecting with our true, whole, selves. Yet, when we look from a different perspective at what makes us feel fearful or guilty, it all seems so ridiculous. Fear, guilt, and resentment are not emotions we have to feel. We can let go of them and feel instead love, joy and happiness.

To be without fear is, however, not to be without awareness. Some people say that fear is essential for survival because it is what prevents us from walking across the street in front of a car or jumping into a dangerous situation. However, fear and awareness are not the same. You do not have to be fearful to know the consequences of something and avoid them. In fact, fear is often the cause of creating painful events, not the protection from them.

The situation is similar with all the other negative emotions above mentioned. While it is all right to feel sad when appropriate, it is harmful to feel the same sadness, concerning the same event, ten years later. In fact, it is terribly destructive. Again, when you examine what makes us act that way, it is programmed ‘values’, mostly from generations long passed or in some cases social judgment on the morals. When you look at what makes people feel emotional pain, many times it is largely the result of programming. It has little to do with what is right or wrong and everything to do with what that society has been programmed to perceive as right or wrong over the years.

There is so much that society demands we should feel guilty about. We look back at the way we treated our parents. We feel guilty and sad if we did not fulfill in our lives what our parents wanted us to achieve. We think we have let them down. We feel sometimes depressed at the way, perhaps, we treated our own children or other loved ones. You name it and someone, somewhere, will feel some form of negative emotion about it. We really would be zombies if we were incapable of feeling emotions. In fact, negative emotions can be good. They show us something is not in order. Holding onto them is pointless! When we let go, we really begin thinking positively and break the patterns of the past.

When you understand that you are unique and special, and you do not need any approval from somebody else to be yourself, when you let go of all the emotional demand you are carrying with you from your past, then and only then you will be able to create the future that you so much desire.

You are the sum total of all your experiences and conscious and unconscious decisions, with different things to offer and different things to learn. If you allow negative emotions and other limiting beliefs from the past to make you conform to other’s life patterns and value systems, you give away the ability forever to achieving your dreams. So, make a special effort to take care of yourself and those unproductive thoughts today..

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