What is Time Continuum?

As a branch of NLP, Time Continuum is a process that allows you to gain emotional freedom and control over your; past, present and future. This process is a collection of techniques, which produce long-lasting transformation very quickly. Undesired emotional reactions such as bursts of anger, periods of apathy, bouts of depression, prevailing sadness, handicapping anxiety, and chronic fear are responsible for preventing you from achieving the results and quality of life you desire and deserve. Limiting decisions and beliefs create false identifications and restrictions and block your ability to create and attain your goals in all areas of life. Time Continuum techniques enable you to clear many types of issues, which allow you to move forward and toward the goals you desire in the future.

Your Time Line:

Your Time Line is how your unconscious mind encodes and stores your memories. It’s how you know the difference between a past memory and a future dream? Your Time Line is largely an unconscious process, and like remembering your home phone number, you may be more or less aware of it from time to time.

Releasing Negative Emotions:

With the Time Continuum techniques, you now have for the first time, a way to resolve significant events in your past. We have gained the ability to release the negative emotions in those memories easily and quickly, in a reasonable amount of time. Obviously, the release of negative emotions in a substantial number of a person’s memories will have an impact on their behaviour. So, what would be the impact on you, if you can release all of the anger in your past memories while preserving the learnings from those events? Or how about the sadness, fear, guilt or any other negative emotion?

Eliminating Limiting Decisions:

What if you could go back and re-do any old decision that you made in the past, and decide in a new way — a way that supported who you want to be now? Then, what if you could have every event in the past be re-evaluated in such a way as to support the way you wanted to be now? With Time Continuum, we also have the ability to re-evaluate our past and change any decision, which may limit us. To a certain extent, our behaviour is guided by the decisions that we have made in the past. Whether conscious or unconscious, these decisions affect our behaviour in the present. Our decisions are stored in a timeline, and through our timeline, we gain access to them.

Create the Future:

Finally, what if you had a reliable way to create your future the way you wanted it, and actually have that thing or event happen? The processes for creating your future are as powerful as the processes for releasing negative emotions and clearing out limiting decisions.