VP, Jet Moulding Compounds Inc

Being a pragmatic person, I was skeptical that the Breakthrough technique would work for me, but I was “stuck” and knew I needed to make a crucial decision. I trusted Monika to take me through the process and at the end I had in fact made two crucial decisions. The obstacles that were in my way before, no longer seemed to be there and I went back to work with and abundance of energy. My life and all its expectations and demands still existed, but I saw them more clearly and decisions seemed to flow out of me quickly and effortlessly. I would never have believed that such a transition was possible in such a short time. I’m back on track and I commend Monika for her warm, professional, and supportive training style.

CEO and Lead trainer, The MasterMinds

Monika has a natural gift to work with people to bring out the best of them. She is a talented mediator and communicator. She leads her clients through their Breakthrough session skilfully and professionally. She is also very skilled in leading people towards the changes they need to make and I strongly recommend her breakthrough sessions to anyone wanting to improve anything in their life. I felt totally safe and supported. Her wit and sense of humour are also absolutely delightful, and make the whole process not only extremely valuable but also irresistibly enjoyable. If you have to do a breakthrough session once in your life, do it with her!

Investigative Coroner

My work with Monika has made a significant transformation in my work and personal life. Each person has a frame of reference or a lens through which they see their external environment. And most, if not all problems, occur when there is a mismatch between perception, expectation and reality. Monika has assisted me in shifting this lens and using a totally different frame of reference when interacting with my professional colleagues.

This has resulted in an almost immediate and tangible improvement in professional relationships and work culture. Her presence has transformed a previously poisoned work environment, to one that is productive, positive, and has open communications. These positive transformations cannot help but having a very positive effect on an employee’s work ethic and the spill over effect it has on one’s personal life as well.

Monika has also helped me to become a better manager and a more sensitive and compassionate leader. She has a striking ability to assist someone in letting go of previous baggage and move on to a more positive and better outlook for the future. Probably one of Monika’s greatest strengths is her ability to read peoples reaction, and provide immediate feedback on making positive changes for the future.

I cannot emphasize enough the positive effect that Monika’s interactions have had both at a professional level and at improving the organizational culture of this department.

TS, Entrepreneur

Simply amazing, expertise and professionalism with a seemingly endless supply of crucial and invaluable information. Thank you for your constant flow of energy, ideas and resources. You are a perfect illustration of how to use these techniques and this technology in the context of business.