Personal Breakthrough Coaching

What Is A Personal Breakthrough Session?


From time to time, we all realize that we are not fulfilling our potential, with the same old causes dogging our steps. The Personal Breakthrough process is designed to help people overcome any perceived blocks, whether in a professional or personal situation.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • make a quantum leap in work performance
  • realize your true potential personally, professionally and financially
  • finally, remove that nagging issue which holds you back

How much would it be worth to your organization to have employees without personal barriers to success? How important is it to you personally?

The initial 2-3 hours involve a series of questions. Two key questions asked at the start are: “If you could come away with anything from the Personal Breakthrough session, what would it be?” & “How would you know, undeniably, that you’ve achieved your goal or that your problem/issue has disappeared?”  At the end of the questioning, the coach will be able to estimate how much more time will be required for coaching. Together, you will complete the Personal Breakthrough session either that day or within a few days. The coach will work with the individual until she is clear that you have the desired results.

Many organizations sanction and encourage working with a success coach to breakthrough whatever blocks or issues – regardless of the context (business, personal growth or education) – which prevents you from being your best.

Personal Breakthrough provides you with the most transformative work in the shortest amount of time. This very successful technology moves you beyond therapy to “personal consulting.”

From time to time, everyone finds life troublesome, confusing or too challenging to bear. We can become confused, upset and or stressed. Often, we try to avoid these emotions and do our best to keep them hidden. Are we are just piling other things on top of them to take our attention? Do we risk overburdening ourselves? During these challenging times, we may shoulder too much weight and begin to stumble under the pressure.

Our coach delivers sessions designed to evaluate the problem while focusing on the solution. We’ll journey with you to clear up the past and build a compelling and healthy future, often a very quick process in comparison to other psychological therapies. This is because the focus is on the outcome and the techniques for change are swift and surprisingly comfortable to integrate.

Questions provide the opportunity to discover hidden treasures if we take the time to answer them. A wise man once said that it is answers that are the easy part; asking the right questions is the key.

Take the first step and ask for an appointment….

For more information, please contact:

Monika B. Jensen PhD